Honolulu: Honolulu is the Modern to keep prices low at $ 195 per night

It’s been a month after the edition of Waikiki had been driven to their hotel and a modern open in Honolulu, but the dust and crash just changed. More importantly, Modern Honolulu is the site so much now.

The site is full of wonderful photographs, taken when the hotel was still in question, and when it lacks the sophistication of an old page edition, the new site certainly seems easier to read and copy the source of exciting. (Well, some of them feel a little bit busy cheerleading.)

But perhaps the biggest improvement here is the room rate in October. The prices are just a modern $ 195 all night and next month the rooms overlooking the city. Curiously, it is the Edition, offered at an extraordinary pace with the opening of a year ago, before jumping up to $ 375 per night. So, um … anyone a trip to Hawaii next month? If you are, just be prepared for some difficult employee interactions.

Paris: The W Hotel Paris has been postponed again, now promises to open Feb. 14

The W Hotel Paris is ready to show your jelly, since they have gone and have delayed its opening date again – this time for the most romantic day of the year, February 14, 2012. Well, I guess it’s a way to reach us.

The W of Paris was delayed several times last year, most recently in April when he said that the launch would now be in January 2012. Previously, we were all ready to Don our best day of the Bastille that the hotel was supposed to open July 1, 2011.

We are not sure what the hold, but we really hope that Valentine will make the difference. (He worked on the W London last year.) The only thing holding us to the wrists Discount leather, silk nightgowns and hot wax is that virtually nothing has been updated on the Web site of the hotel. Nothing. So do not start packing our clove cigarettes until we have a photo of the room and a reservation system open.

You know what is happening on the ground in Paris with the W Hotel? Let us know!

Chicago: Public expectations of its Think?

We gave them all the truth about the hotel from Ian Schrager new audience in Chicago last week, but today we decided to check with the rest of the population at TripAdvisor to see what their reactions are. And so far so good. Or as good as can be with only three reviews.

The auditor initially claimed to come across it by accident but is now dedicated to the fans, especially in the pump room, delicious: Another thing … I do not often eat in the hotel restaurants, and I have never done this before, but I stayed for two nights and had lunch, and dinner at the hotel for two days. The pump room may well be my favorite restaurant, even if you’re sure to go there for lunch or dinner. It is a large bar on one side of the lobby, where you can get over some of the MIDI input.

The second reviewer was a little softer, playing some of the missing services and terrible lighting: If you are going to provide the candles in the living room and bedroom, matches or lighters supply.

A mini-bar, but without glasses?

The lighting in the bathroom and vanity are horrible (one woman). Probably did not want to mess with the wiring in an old hotel, but seriously what a horrible yellow ambient light is ridiculous to apply makeup!

We have totally forgotten the matches to spark missing, but we probably just thought the hotel would not be responsible for all fires. Or, the games have been simply forgotten. As for glasses, the ones we found in the drawer next to the mini-fridge-bar, where bottles of spirits were great. (See above).

What’s lighting, did not think was so terrible, just a little “hard to maneuver around, or we got a lot of eyeliner, stood before a large mirror. We also found a lot of enlightenment” secret “room, which says more about tomorrow.

One last comment was one of those people who picked up on the face Social Living: I want to stay here, even without the offer. I was originally going to go on the Magnificent Mile, but many prefer this place. Great neighborhood just north of downtown, but feels more room, the hotel itself is beautiful and the rooms comfortable and peaceful. Bar can be a bit of a “scene” a weekend evening, but the staff seems friendly and helpful (no opinion here) and there were surprisingly few kinks in mind that they are still in soft launch.

So that’s it. So far, so good. Or, as Ed McMahon would say – two and a half stars!

Have you stayed in Chicago Public Schools? Tell us what you thought!

Scotrun: the story of an ‘infinite’ for children in the Poconos

In an era of free and iPads electronic check-in, is a task for some people to ensure that children and adults to enjoy all those new-fangled gadgets adorn hotels. And over in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, Great Wolf Lodge has introduced a new interactive game called the Great Explorers Wolf Story, in which the children themselves become actors in history.

Here’s how it works: Little Tykes for the first time paired with plush RFID tags. Interestingly, this same technology was used to monitor stolen from the hotel laundry. But instead of catching the criminals, the RFID bracelets are here to “liberate” a succession of part of an interactive story. When traveling on a video screen, next to a young “explorers” are written in the story slowly, he is told. Neat-o!

As a child we used to love to break free from our parents and go around large empty hotels. Mischief around every corner! With this experience, children may feel they are exploring on your own, following a predetermined path (and, of course, as monitored by GPS devices). A new piece of the story takes place each time the children reach a new video screen, as told by several animated characters known as “Children of Great Wolf.”

“What’s really exciting about explorers History Great Wolf is that it never ends really. Not only explorers to take their stuffed animals and books of stories at home, but there will be new stories them to experience on your next visit. It is only the first many stories yet to come. “

As part of a recent renovation, the resort also features a water park, a shopping center, six bowling lanes and a new, expanded “Scoops Kid Spa” Birthday party space.

[Photo: PR Newswire]

New iPhone App Firmdale maintains clean and simple

If the tech-savvy types are correct in assessing that “[t] he mobile is the future for all” and what a bold statement to do so will Firmdale Hospitality is looking up. Jump bandwagon of mobile technology in a very complete and happy, the hotel chain has released its own iPhone application, available for download here.

For free, the application is simple and straightforward in functionality, with most of the benefits we deserve. With it, you can check room availability, confirm reservations for Firmdale in London and New York, browse photo galleries of the hotel and have basic information about the properties at your fingertips.

One hotel chain, however, is listed in the Club Firmdale weekend, the film, such as trailers for upcoming features.

It’s not as brave as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, implementation, sure, but a particle of “posh” to match, Firmdale is keep it clean and the technological front.

[Photo: Hotels Firmdale on Facebook]

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