Honolulu: Honolulu is the Modern to keep prices low at $ 195 per night

It’s been a month after the edition of Waikiki had been driven to their hotel and a modern open in Honolulu, but the dust and crash just changed. More importantly, Modern Honolulu is the site so much now.

The site is full of wonderful photographs, taken when the hotel was still in question, and when it lacks the sophistication of an old page edition, the new site certainly seems easier to read and copy the source of exciting. (Well, some of them feel a little bit busy cheerleading.)

But perhaps the biggest improvement here is the room rate in October. The prices are just a modern $ 195 all night and next month the rooms overlooking the city. Curiously, it is the Edition, offered at an extraordinary pace with the opening of a year ago, before jumping up to $ 375 per night. So, um … anyone a trip to Hawaii next month? If you are, just be prepared for some difficult employee interactions.